Team Up To Lose More Weight!

Many weight loss programs or diets on the market are geared towards individual work, motivation, and participation. If you have ever tried one of the fad diets or weight loss books, then you know firsthand that most of the plans require individual dedication, with very little motivation, except your own internal motivation for weight loss. For some, this approach may be perfect for helping them lose weight.

However, for the majority of people, this approach may not work, and may account for a greater number of diet failures than successes. It has been shown that group support, compared to individual effort, may be more effective at achieving weight loss, and keeping it off. In fact, a new study published in the journal Obesity, shows that group support in younger adults looking to lose weight may be more effective than individual weight loss attempts. Let me explain…

Young Adults and Weight Loss Groups

According to this study, young adults are an underserved demographic when dealing with weight loss and weight loss programs. It has been shown that young adults, compared to older adults, have a harder time losing weight and keeping the weight off. The authors of this study examined the performance of young adults in a low-intensity weight loss and exercise program/competition. They compared their results to older adults enrolled in the same online, group-based program.

The researchers recruited 6,795 people, of which 1,562 were considered young adults (young adults in this study were aged 18-35, and older adults were labeled 35 and older).

Baseline measurements were taken at the beginning and the end of the program.  The researchers were comparing weight loss results, program retention, and step change in both groups.

Out of the 1.562 young adults, only 715 (46 percent) completed the program, compared to 62 percent of the older adults.

However, the researchers noted that the young adults who did complete the program showed higher weight loss results compared to the older adults.

The young adults collectively lost almost 5 pounds compared to the 3.8 pounds for the older adult group.

Also, the young adults had a greater step change (1,578 compared to 1,342 respectively) compared to the older adults.

From their work, the researchers concluded that a low-intensity, GROUP weight-loss/exercise competition was quite promising and that such an approach should be considered for future weight-loss programs.

Although this study needs to be verified by more research, the results are promising for serving younger adults who are in need of weight-loss interventions.  It further strengthens the argument that weight-loss support groups, losing weight with friends, and general weight-loss support from family is a strong indicator for your success and future success at weight loss.

Support through Your Weight Loss

(Need Support? Encouragement? Motivation? Try EpocFit Group Training)       It has been shown that having support during your weight-loss attempts could motivate and further encourage you to lose weight and keep it off. By enlisting the help of your family, friends, co-workers, or coaches into your weight-loss attempts, could further motivate and strengthen your mission to lose weight and keep it off. According to the results of this study, a group-based, weight-loss intervention may have worked better for younger adults for weight loss than doing the program alone.

The right diet, exercise program, and group support may not only boost your weight loss, but it may keep you motivated for longer, which could result in greater performance in your exercise and weight loss attempts.

By Kevin DiDonato