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Hello, my name is Jeremy Stair and this is my weight loss story. Growing up I was never overweight. I would go outside and play with my friends and was very active early on. Things changed a little bit as I got older and started doing less. I then found myself, at the age of 23, working as a full-time diesel mechanic and weighing in at approximately 295 pounds. Being in this condition was not healthy for me and I was constantly finding myself tired and not having energy to do anything at all. My life went on like this for quite a while. Getting older and have two kids, I knew I needed to make some changes. I was always known as “the big guy” and although I was always big and strong, I was definitely carrying around a significant amount of fat that needed to go. My goal was to burn off those excess pounds and achieve a leaner, more athletic look; and that is where my journey began.

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My starting point was getting my eating habits under control and going on a strict diet. I started myself on a very specific nutritional regimen, cutting out all the empty calories from my diet; (fast food, sweets, soda, etc.) and focusing on only eating clean, nutritional foods. Before my new diet, it was not unlike me to indulge in everything from greasy fast food to decadent desserts. My portion control was non-existent, and the most challenging thing for me was adhering to a new strict nutritional plan and cutting out most of my favorite “comfort” foods. I realized that the comfort foods that I was consuming would instantly affect my appetite and the way I felt. If I let myself eat just one tiny piece of dessert or some sort of fast food, my hunger would go out of control and it was almost impossible to back down from eating more and more.  When I made the decision to be disciplined with the foods I consumed, the changes were incredible. Within about 2 weeks, my tastes started to change and my cravings went way down. Once my habits and routines started to change, my focus on preparing healthy, nutritional foods became second nature. The temptation will always be there and I still get cravings now and again, but I now have the willpower to decide to choose healthier alternatives.

My next step to becoming healthier was getting to the gym and getting on a vigorous workout schedule. I began to do research on different workout plans and I found that Epoc training was the best way to lose fat. I started doing Epoc training 45 minutes every other day and paired that with sprint cardio workouts 5-10 minutes every day to burn off my excess fat. Within about 2 weeks of Epoc training, I started feeling my strength levels go up and body fat go down. My energy was through the roof and I couldn’t wait to train. When I added sprint cardio workouts and a clean diet to my overall fitness plan, the changes were incredible.

It really came down to hitting it from all angles. Clean food to fuel my body, Epoc training to build muscle and lose fat, and sprint cardio workouts to burn more fat than the average elliptical/treadmill workout. It took me about 8 months of consistently training and healthy eating to reach my current weight, and I still have a little ways to go. Since losing the 80 pounds of fat, I feel much more athletic now and, have an overall sense of well-being that I never experienced when I was heavier. I also have a lot more energy and sleep much better than I did before. My mind is much clearer and it is easier for me to sharply concentrate throughout the day without feeling mentally cloudy. It is truly amazing what cutting out empty calories and exercising can do for your overall quality of life. A clean diet, intense Epoc training, and sprint cardio workouts were the 3 crucial elements that kept me moving forward to my ultimate goal. The main thing to remember is not to give up! It’s possible for anyone to take back their life and change their lifestyle to live better. I was just regular person who got tired of weighing 295 pounds, and now I am a Certified Personal Trainer giving back. If I can do it anyone can, and I will show you how to become EpocFit! Schedule a Free, No Obligation Consultation with me Today!

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Jeremy’s 5 weight loss tips:

Weight loss tip #1:

It’s never too late to start. No matter how much you’re currently overweight or how out of shape you are, you can ALWAYS start making changes and improve your life! It all starts now. Forget about yesterday and focus all your energy into making smart choices to live a healthier life. Today is truly the first day of the rest of your life!

Weight loss tip #2:

Realize that food is a very powerful drug. You can use it to make yourself very sick or you can decide to use it to optimally fuel and energize your body! Research different nutritional foods and learn about the multitude of ways foods positively impact your body. Knowledge is power and learning how and what you’re eating is vitally important!

Weight loss tip #3:

Eat 5-6 small nutritional meals every day. This should consist of clean, nutritious foods to optimally fuel your body. Include a lean protein source in each meal, which will help repair and build muscle tissue. Make sure to optimize your pre-workout and post-workout meals to maximize the windows of opportunity.

Weight loss tip #4:

Be very conscious when you eat. When you sit down to eat a meal, ask yourself if this food is helping you reach your goals or is it setting you back. So many people simply eat without thinking about what they are putting into their bodies. They consume food almost unconsciously and shovel it into their face. Relax and truly enjoy every bite of food you have prepared for yourself.

Weight loss tip #5:

Pre-plan your meals. This is crucial for succeeding. If you don’t have a plan, it will be very difficult to choose the right foods to attain your ideal physique. Keep nutritional foods and snacks at your home, in your car and especially at work. Put a box of protein bars in the office fridge or have a bag of mixed nuts at your desk so you will have quick access to these quality food choices when you’re hungry. Preparing meals early also really helps. Try cooking all your week’s meals on Sunday night and prepare them in small Tupperware containers. Although this is extra work, it will pay off huge in the long run. You will have instant access to healthy prepared meals and you can take the guesswork out of finding nutritional foods to eat.