"Epocfit is not just about weight loss for me. With the help of my personal trainer and personal friend Jeremy stair, I have become a better Me. As corny and cliche as that sounds it is the truth. I didn't start working out just for a better outer appearance. Rather to be a healthier and stronger person inside and hope that translates into what you see. Jeremy will help you find goals, teach you through them and ultimately help you achieve them. He has taught me about proper dieting, better form and new and improved exercises. All I can say is Thank you to Epocfit and Jeremy Stair for being my support and friend. For making me a better Me inside and out. Try it for yourself. You won't regret it!" -Alex

"Hi, I’m Debbie. I just turned 61 years old and about 18 months ago I weighed 217 pounds. I was tired, slow, no energy. I started this weight loss program to feel better and maybe lose a few pounds. As I put my efforts toward eating right – more healthy – and exercising ( I could only ride a stationery bike because of my knees), I saw an immediate change! the first month I lost 13 pounds – WOW! and I felt SO much better..... I wanted to continue to eat healthy, exercise and follow Epocfit’s program as closely as I could. Today, nine months later I have lost a total of 72, I weigh 145 pounds, feel great, and look better than I have in years! Thanks to Epocfit and Jeremy’s individual attention! I went from a size 20 to 10! I still have a few more pounds before I reach my goal but I will continue to use this program for the rest of my life --- It is life changing!" -Debbie

"I was overweight, tired and needed to make a change. After having two kids I had hit my rock bottom. I joined a local weight loss challenge with a friend for motivation. I changed my diet and added natural Herbalife products and started implementing EpocFit exercises. I burnt off 50 pounds of FAT! Went from a size 17 to a 6! Because of EpocFit exercises it helped prepare me to complete my first triathlon. I will use this system for the rest of my life!" -Kristen


"Hi, My name is William and I came to EpocFit because I wanted a better quality of life. Being overweight is not a new issue for me and it hasn't been a short battle, it has been more of a lifetime war. I am 42 years old and have been fighting this issue for close to 20 years. People couldn't understand how one could become so overweight and to be honest it was because of denial. Denial that there was an issue and denial that I could do anything about it. Who wants to go to the gym and have to deal with body builders and stunning woman who are a size 2? Not me. I wanted a place I could feel comfortable to work out in and not be judged. That is exactly what I found at EpocFit. Jeremy is personally vested in every single client he has. His workouts can be modified for the complete begginner to the most advanced fitness level. With the combination of his Group Training and his nutirional guidance I have lost 42 lbs in 12 weeks. This is not a diet; this is a lifestyle modification and just the start of my journey. I will be with TEAM EPocFit for life. Feel free to follow my quarterly updates and I hope to see you at the next class." -William

Most people assume that since I am young, that I am in shape- Not True! I was a 50 year old trapped in a 27 year olds body until I started with EpocFit. I have gained strength, stamina and endurance that has benefited me at work, and in my personal life. The classes are great because you can modify them to fit your personal needs or ability - they are always changing so you never get bored (and neither does your body). Everyone in the classes are supportive and friendly - I never feel self conscience or intimidated working out. Jeremy is very motivating without being a "drill sergeant" and he never hesitates to go the extra mile to assist you in your weight loss goals. I personally recommended EpocFit to everyone who compliments me on my progress - I would not be where I am without EpocFit. -Catherine

EpocFit is changing my life! I had hit rock bottom, so confused on how I should eat and work out until I meet Jeremy! We meet in a group setting, at first I was not really sure how I was going to feel about group workouts but I really enjoy them! Way more motivating the working by yourself!! His workouts are never boring! I actually enjoy coming to Tampa to workout. Jeremy has great hours for working families and the price is perfect! Jeremy has some top notch knowledge that has really helped break though my years of 0 weight loss! First week I lost 10 pounds! Not only is Jeremy a great with the group workouts but he really cares enough to giving me individual attention with wonderful encouragement. He helps with my nutritional need and is guiding me all the way to full success!! I thank God for connecting me to Jeremy and EpocFit! If you’re feeling hopeless and nothing seems to be working for you, or just need some motivation to get healthy look around here on his site. What could be better!?! -Jennifer

I have done several different weight loss solutions before trying EpocFit! (You name it, I've tried it!!). I bought a Livingsocial Deal one day that offered a 'group training bootcamp'. That is not what I have received at all! From day one, I have received one on one support and personal assistance in every area I have struggled! Jeremy has been there to guide me and answer any questions I had! (Sadly for him, has been many!). You may think you can pay much less on a regular basis but there is no accountability and they could care less if you show up or how you workout! Having an outside support system like this has been amazing! You get group and personal assistance that you just don't get other places! It has changed my life and has taught me a new way of living. Once you make the decision to change your life, EpocFit helps the transition so much easier. The workouts are always changing and challenging! It also works muscles you may not even knew existed! I was very surprised to see an immediate change in my muscles and after only 3 months, the tone and definition is amazing! I honestly didn't think a 'big girl' like me could ever change my body shape! I had major back surgery, including bone fusion, rods, & screws, and I love the core strength and overall body strength I have gained with EpocFit! There are also alternative exercises for every fitness level from beginner to expert! I have never been this excited about a workout routine in my life! -Kim

What EpocFit Group Training has done for me has given me a new confidence in myself but has helped me see a new perspective in my life. I started this journey wanting to lose weight, but as the months have passed, my focus shifted to working on strength and endurance training for upcoming races that I will participate in. My goal is to get the necessary training, strength, endurance to run the Space Coast Marathon again this, and have a faster time than last year. -Anita

Since attending personal training classes, I've learned fitness is more about just working out. Epocfit offers a comprehensive approach to a healthy lifestyle through nutrition counseling, specialized workouts and endless motivation and support. The high intensity group training classes are challenging for the beginner to the more advanced fitness buffs and I continue to get a great workout as my strength and agility increases. -Karen

"When I first used EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) type workouts, I lost 80 pounds. That's when I realized the power of EPOC workouts! Now It’s your turn. EpocFit Group workouts are the best way to be successful and stay motivated. 30 days from now you can be closer to your goal and possibly be 5-10 LBS lighter and healthier. So make the right choice and call or sign up today!” -Jeremy

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