New Year 2013


I don’t understand why people wait until the New Year to make a resolution.

Did you know the average person gains 7-10 pounds during the holidays. “But you don’t have to!”

Did you know that fitness is always in the top 10 of resolutions? And most people fail because they try to do it ALONE.

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You could also call this procrastination.

This is especially apparent at this time of year when a lot of people get caught up in holiday events and social gatherings, eating and drinking whatever they want, and perhaps forgetting about their dietary and fitness goals.

But then that little voice in our head kicks in and says, “It’s all good. We’ll start fresh on January 1!”

So we continue to fall off the path and indulge everything that comes with the holidays.

At the very least, though, we should be making an attempt to counteract poor dietary and lifestyle choices at this time of year (ie. chocolate, booze, etc…) with those we are more regularly accustomed to – assuming they are healthy.

So if you have a fun-filled night of drinking, why not balance it out with a following day of drinking lots of water and eating tons of greens?

Why not hit the gym first thing and get in a sweat producing full body workout that will cleanse your body of its toxins and leave you feeling great for the rest of the day?

There’s really no need to wait to get back on track. You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to wait until January 1, 2013 to get your life sorted out, while polluting your body in the meantime.

My challenge to you is to start NOW!

Keep working out. Keep eating right. And by the time the New Year comes you’ll be far ahead of the game and you’ll far less ground to make up en route to your health and fitness goals.

So stop reading this and sign up for your FREE month!

The secret to successful fitness resolutions.

While you can’t wave a magic wand and make your resolution come true, there are some easy steps to take that will make it easier to fulfill your promise to yourself.

#1) Choose an attainable goal. Resolving to look like a male-model is not realistic for most of us, but promising to include daily physical activity in our lives is very possible.

#2) Avoid choosing a resolution that you’ve been unsuccessful at achieving year after year. This will only set you up for failure, frustration and disappointment. If you are still tempted to make a promise that you’ve made before, then try altering it. For example, instead of stating that you are going to lose 30 pounds, try promising to eat healthier and increase your weekly exercise.

#3) Create a game plan now not at the beginning of January, write a comprehensive plan. All successful businesses start with a business plan that describes their mission and specifics on how they will achieve it. Write your own personal plan and you’ll be more likely to succeed as well.

#4) Break it down and make it less intimidating. Rather than one big end goal, dissect it into smaller pieces. Set several smaller goals to achieve throughout the year that will help you to reach the ultimate goal. Then, even if you aren’t able to reach your final goal, you will have many smaller, but still significant, achievements along the way. For example, if your goal is to complete a 10K race, your smaller goals could be running a 5K in less than 30 minutes, adding upper and lower body strength training to increase your muscular endurance, and running 2 miles with a personal best completion time.

#5) Make contingency plans: don’t assume sticking to your plan will be smooth sailing. Plan on hitting bumps along the resolution road and be prepared with specific ways to overcome them. What will keep you from skipping your workout or stop you from having a cigarette? This may mean seeking help from family or a professional, writing in a journal, etc.

#6) Give it time: most experts agree that it takes about 21 days to create a habit and six months for it to actually become a part of your daily life.

#7) Reward yourself with each milestone. If you’ve stuck with your resolution for 2 months, treat yourself to something special. But, be careful of your reward type. If you’ve lost 5 pounds, don’t give yourself a piece of cake as a reward. Instead, treat yourself to something non-food related, like a professional massage.

#8) Ask friends and family members to help you so you have someone to be accountable to. Just be sure to set limits so that this doesn’t backfire and become more irritating than helpful. For example, if you resolve to be more positive ask them to gently remind you when you start talking negatively.

#9) Don’t go it alone! Get professional assistance. Everyone needs help and sometimes a friend just isn’t enough. Sometimes you need the help of a trained professional. Don’t feel that seeking help is a way of copping out. Especially when it comes to fitness, research studies have shown that assistance from a fitness professional greatly improves people’s success rate.

On average only about 20% of us keep our New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, some of the biggest failures are found in fitness resolutions. But don’t let the statistics get you down. By following the tips above you’ll be better equipped to fall into the successful 20% category.